Gate Motor Johannesburg Frequently Asked Questions.

My gate motor suddenly stopped working, how soon can you fix it?

It would depend on the cause of the problem, since there are many factors that contribute to a gate motor failure it is important that we first analyze your motor for a more accurate estimation. We usually repair a gate motor in 48hours if the damage is severe you may have to buy a new one!

How will know if i should repair or buy new gate motor?

You will need an experienced and qualified gate motor technician to help you figure out the condition of your gate motor, if it can still be repaired you will be advised but if it is no longer repairable, you may have to throw it away. Contact our gate motor experts for a quick inspection today!

What kind of gate motor services to you provide?

We offer the following gate motor services:

  • Gate Motor Maintenance
  • Gate Motor Installation
  • Gate Motor Supplies
  • Gate Motor Upgrades
  • Gate Motor Part Replacements

Do you offer emergency Gate Motor?

Yes, we provide a once off charge for anytime emergency gate motor services. You can be sure that we will come equipped and prepared to help you deal with your gate motor problem and ensure that you are back to your daily activities as soon as possible.